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Pre and Lower School Library: Summer Reading 2023

Welcome to the Home of Summer Reading 2023!

Welcome to the Summer Reading site for Brunswick's Pre and Lower School! We have curated a list of the newest and most noteworthy books of the past year. The list highlights books from a variety of genres and reading levels. Reading from this list is not mandatory and we encourage you to visit your local bookstores and libraries for more suggestions. 

Picture Books (fiction, non fiction, and poetry)

Early Readers

Chapter Books and Graphic Novels

Reading Suggestions for Families

Reading Suggestions for Families

  • Let your child choose what they want to read. If they cannot read the words, they can look at pictures to tell their own story, or you can read them together.
  • Set aside a reading time for the whole family! Make time to show that reading is important.
  • Make reading fun! Make a yummy snack, read outside, read with flashlights, read to a pet, or read in pajamas. 

Local Libraries and Bookstores